Meet Our Team

Motivated by our values of honesty, integrity and transparency, the Premier team is driven foremost by our ethics, working meticulously to deliver maximum value and efficiency. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients and look forward to getting to know you personally.

Arran Summerhill (CeMap)


Managing Director

As a fully qualified CeMap professional as well as a certified financial advisor, Arran came to Premier Property Finance with over eight years of experience in mortgage advising, including owning a mortgage and protection consultancy. So, if you’ve already zero-ed in on a property or are contemplating your dream purchase, give him a call and he’ll be happy to drop by.

Lisa McNeill (CeMap)

Managing Partner

In her native country of England- London, Lisa spent ten years working in London’s financial services including some of the most renowned British brokerage companies. Upon moving to Dubai, Lisa brought her extensive knowledge and skills with a particular focus on home loans. Lisa has been working as a Mortgage Expert in the UAE market for over five years now and has established herself as a Managing Partner in what’s one of the most reputable agencies in Dubai.